Are you searching for new suppliers in Asia?

You are a small-mid size company and you want to start a new collaboration in South Korea for your business?

KYLOBAL is the company for you. We act as an intermediary between the factories in South Korea and the clients in USA. Thus, you can buy directly in the factories, with no need to contact wholesalers or to have your staff in South Korea to follow up the processes of purchases, certifications, logistics and customs operations. This will reflect in advantages in the cost savings strategy and in a more efficient logistics system. Thanks to our highly qualified staff and our offices both in South Korea and USA, we buy directly for you, dealing with all the processes, and we deliver products right to your place, without any problem or additional charge. You will interconnect just with us, and we will work for you, select the best options for your business. To get the best products at the best prices and to satisfy all your requests, we invented an original and innovative tool. We created a platform, a network made of free lances all over Asia who can help us research for factories and products one-stop trading.

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Kylobal offers trading- and consulting services for International customers in South Korea and USA. No matter what the size of your operation, we can leverage our areas of expertise to create unique business solutions.

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